An electric bike can’t be imagined, only experienced.

Our focus is on helping people make an informed decision on which electric bike suits their needs best.

Based in South London, we are the electric bikes retailer with the largest collection of quality eBikes in the South East. We are open from 9am to 5pm Mondays to Saturdays and can take you on an accompanied, no-obligation demonstration ride.

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What Our Customers Say

Ecobike Commute to Croydon

Dec 07, 2013 by Simon Mason
Product Bought: Ecobike Elegance 

I bought a new Eco bike from Cycling made easy in December. Ray was extremely helpful and took me on a test ride of numerous bikes before actually guiding me away from a much more expensive bike,that I really did not need! It's rare to get that kind of honest approach nowadays.

It's just gone in for its free 6 week tune up and I am really pleased that they also do maintaince as I have no idea how to look after these things.

Could not recommend them enough, I now save an hour on the commute everyday.



Going Electric

Dec 16, 2013 by Jane D
Product Bought: Momentum T 

I had seen the Momentum T and read the reviews online so went up to Cycling made Easier to have a look. Super bike shop and very helpful and accommodating to what I might need. The bike was ready and waiting along with the other Momentum (with a cross bar). The test drive was great fun,up hills in a jiffy! I had no idea how the bike would ride but it is comfortable, with upright posture, very different from my racing bike. A lot of things I have to get used to really, charging the battery is easy and it runs a long way, so far I have done 12 mile round trips with lots of battery to spare. The battery runs a little faster when the lights are on too but seems fine.

Only small criticisms, one thing that I am trying to get resolved is the rack on the back, my panniers don't fit. But a stand was fitted for me and it looks fab. Had so many comments about the bike at the train station, lovely!

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