The Ultimate Guide to Electric Bike Commuting


Electric bike commuting is so much better than:
Crowded train carriages,
traffic jams,
waiting at bus stops,
rising ticket prices,
rising petrol prices,
hunting for parking spaces…

…and it can save money! See video

Commuting is a pain. Starting your day with a stressful commute is draining your productivity and damaging your well-being. Thank goodness for electric bike commuting…a hot trend in Europe and Asia and now it’s coming to the UK.

Time to give yourself a hassle-free way to get to work. You may not see yourself as a cycle commuter, but let us introduce you to electric commuter bikes. They might just convince you to start your day the energised way.

Start exploring below…

Electric bike commuting - the benefitsrecommended-commuter-ebikes electric bike commuting - what employers should know

e-bikes for commuting

Electric bike hire for commuters

Want to try commuting by electric pedal bike for a day? Contact us to book, then bring in your season ticket for half-price hire:

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