Scott Electric Bikes

Scott electric bikes for the road and the trail

Scott electric bikes are pushing e-bike design forward by combining striking and robust frames with the latest and most powerful Bosch drive system. Check out the E-Sub Tour range if you need a bike for the roads and check out the E-Sparks, E-Scales and E-Genius bikes if you want to tackle off-road trails.

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  • Scott e-bikes for work and leisure

Design, Innovation and Technology

Scott are a global, extremely reputable and well known bicycle manufacturer. Their high-end electric bikes are true to the Scott motto of Design – Innovation – Technology. The design is trendy and stand out, the technical innovation stunning, and the technology the very best.

The Crank Drive Bosch System

The Scott Electric Bike range uses the Bosch Motor System. The Bosch System is a Crank Drive System that gives more torque by having the motor help turn the chain wheel instead of being mounted directly in the hub. Because the motor is then using the bikes gears it can provide much more pull. 
We have found that the Bosch power system is ideal for people who want a true cycling experience. This is because:

  • The motor applies power almost immediately as you pedal – it is like a “boost” and amplification of your own pedalling.
  • It is a very quiet system for countryside trips and routes away from traffic
  • The motor (and normally the battery too) is mounted in the middle of the frame for a low centre of gravity.

“A real joy with its outstanding propulsion” – E-Mountainbike (


E-spark 700 plus tuned

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