Supercharged Saturday

How can you supercharge your commute? Or your mountain bike rides? How can you put more zip into your shopping trip? We’ll show you how with free and informal e-bike rides. 

supercharged saturday

Why try electric bikes on Supercharged Saturday?
  • exclusive on the day special offers
  • Golden Ticket bespoke offers (see below)
  • limited edition bikes and accessories
  • expert, pressure-free advise from staff
  • jargon-free information and support
  • brand representatives on site

 Would you like a GOLDEN TICKET?

 Exclusively for people who try e-bikes at a Cycling Made Easy event:

Special offers on e-bikes

Receive a ‘Golden Ticket’; a personally tailored, special offer just for you. We’ll honour the offer for up to 30 days afterwards.

We understand that most people don’t want to hurry into buying an e-bike on the first day they try them. Our Golden Tickets allow you 30 days to think about what you’d really like. Golden Tickets are not issued outside of our special events.

Caroline at Cycling Made Easy web format

Event Details:

Come along on the day from 10am onwards. Last rides will take place at around 4pm.
Rides take place either on the quiet, private road opposite the showroom, or off-road at Farthing Downs.
Spotted a bike on this website that you definitely want to try? please get in touch so we can arrange.
Address: Cycling Made Easy, 226-230 Brighton Road, Coulsdon, CR5 2NF (SatNav users please use CR5 2NL)
Parking: Lion Green Road, Coulsdon.
Public transport: Close to Coulsdon South, and Coulsdon Town Station. Buses 60, 405, 463, stop at Coulsdon Library or Lion Green Road)
– If you’d like to wear a helmet, we can lend you one. Otherwise, just wear clothes suitable for being outdoors on the day.
Questions? Call 020 8660 8823 or email.