Saving Money on Commuting in London – One Big Tip to Save Hundreds

Is saving money on commuting in London your New Year’s Resolution? If so, read on…

Public transport in London can get really expensive. Fortunately we’ve found a nifty way to save money on commuting into central London.

If you’re in London travelcard zone 6, like we are in Coulsdon, then the price of your annual travelcard goes up to £2408 from January 2017.

However, we have calculated that by cutting out zone 1, and getting a zone 2-6 travelcard instead, can save you a whopping £760! That’s enough for a return flight to almost anywhere in the world.

The Trick: Cut out zone 1

By taking the train to zone 2 and cycling the remaining couple of miles into central London, you will drastically cut your travel bill.

Do that short zone 2 to zone 1 journey with an e-bike sharing the effort, then there’s no reason why you would arrive at work tired or sweaty, but every reason you will be fitter than the cohorts of sedentary, train-only commuters by the next New year price hike.

Map zone 1 London

Did you know…?

folding electric bike on train

The A2B Kuo electric bike on a commuter train

Folding bikes are allowed at any time on the rail network, even peak times, provided they are folded. Have a look at our electric folding bikes.

The trend for bringing bikes onto trains has boomed over the last decade:

  • In 2006, around 9 million train journeys were taken with bikes carried on board.
  • In 2013, this rose to around 25 million trips per day.

If this trend rises as quickly as ticket prices, then e-bikes could be as common a sight on commuter trains as e-books are today.



The number of people combining cycling with rail travel has increased.


Are there bikes which cost less than a Zones 1-6 Annual Travelcard?

Yes, there are. What about this one? It’s just £899!

Pulse ZR-2 commuter e-bike



Can I try an electric bike?

Yes, you can do that at one of our showrooms. Get in touch or just drop by.


Can I read more about commuting by e-bike?

Yes, see our Ultimate Guide to Commuting by E-bike.

Recommended Commuter e-bikes



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