The Small and Mighty Delivery Bike

Delivery firms like Deliveroo are encouraging their cyclists to invest in electric bikes. The bikes allow the riders to carry more weight and to keep up the average speed of each trip. 


Key features:

+ Bosch motor system 

The Bosch motor system provides a huge boost to the rider and since it’s a crank drive system, gives the same sensation as your regular bike would, but simply more powerful.

Bosch motors are also the most reliable that we’ve encountered. If your livelihood depends on your bike, reliability is a priority.

+ Large rear basket

The basket is large and sturdy. It is mounted in a way that provides strength and stability and there is even the possibility of adding the same to the front.

+ Disc brakes and Hub Gears

With the nature of urban riding being stop-start, being able to stop quickly and to change gears while stationary are a huge boon. Disc brakes and hub gears provide just this.

The hub gears are thoroughly sealed so you won’t have to worry about them being vulnerable to damage.

+ Small enough to store indoors

Security can be an issue for delivery cyclists. The compact size can be accommodated very easily indoors for extra security. 

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