About Us

Cycling Made Easy electric bikes

You test-ride. We Listen.

Getting an e-bike is a big decision – a very positive decision – but a big one! It could literally change your life! However, we are more than happy to give you guidance to find the right bike for you.  We only sell electric bikes, and we ride everything we stock, so we can tell you first hand how suitable an e-bike is.

Rather than drown you in bike specifications, we prefer to listen.

Over the phone, or at our showroom over a tea or coffee, we listen to:

  • How you want the bike to look
  • How and where you might use it
  • What style of cycling you want

Put aside half an hour or so to test-ride some of the e-bikes at our showroom. We have quiet roads and off-road trails for you to try the e-bikes in a peaceful setting.

Don’t worry if you’ve never tried an e-bike before, we will show you how they work, step-by-step.

Centre of Excellence

Cycling Made Easy is a Bosch ‘Centre of Excellence’. Every member of the workshop and sales team have earned certification from Bosch. We also have Yamaha and Shimano training too. When you buy an e-bike from us, you get the latest software uploaded to the bike…not just the software it had when it was shipped to the UK.  

12381150_10153466629141884_1259269837_o (1)workshop


After your purchase from our showroom, you get:

  • A free 30-day ‘bike health check’
  • Phone or email advice whenever you have a query

If you are purchasing via the web, we:

  • Ensure the bike is fully prepared and safety-tested. All you’ll have to do is turn the handles.
  • Support you by phone any queries you might have and keep you informed at each step of the sales process

Don’t take it from us…

– The Cycling Made Easy Team