E-bikes and Exercise: A Physiotherapist’s Insight

Alison from Surrey Physiotherapy tries an e-bike with Cycling Made Easy

Over the years, many of our customers have told us how their e-bike has helped with their various injuries and mobility challenges. It’s one of the main reasons we love doing what we do; helping people get out on bikes who would not otherwise.

However, we wanted to know what a real-life physiotherapist had to say on the matter too. So, we invited Alison Middleditch from Surrey Physiotherapy to come along and ride an electric bike with Adam. We had so much fun, that we’re organising a couple of rides in conjunction with Surrey Physiotherapy this September.

Below Alison, founding member of Surrey Physiotherapy, explains how e-bikes can help with your fitness…

“They are an excellent way of doing exercise because you can make it more or less of a work out as you wish. In general, individuals (particularly office workers or those sitting all day) have become deconditioned with poor cardiovascular fitness. This is a great way of improving cardiovascular fitness and having fun at the same time. Individuals of all ages can enjoy themselves and do beneficial exercise on these bikes.

E-biking Surrey Hills

“Loading and stress is reduced…”

The suspension on the electric mountain bike is very good resulting in less loading through the arms and spine. Hence, e-biking is a good alternative for those with neck, back, arm and hand problems.

Loading and stress is reduced through the hips and knees so it would be more comfortable than a standard bicycle. It is also good for those with wear and tear arthritis (osteoarthritis) as it will help with maintaining joint mobility and muscle strength.

Alison on the path

Static bike vs Electric bike

It is popular to buy static bicycles to use in the home to improve fitness. Why not invest in an electric bike that will have the same fitness benefits but is more enjoyable and functional as well?

A large number of the muscle and joint problems we see arise due to inactivity and lack of exercise when the muscles become weak and the joints become stiff so that the effects of loading and stress on them during everyday activities are magnified.

“Perfect way to exercise”

It is commonly thought that as you reach 60 an individual should start to take it easy and reduce physical exercise. Research is showing the reverse is true. The older we get the more physical exercise we need to keep ourselves fit (within moderation of course). These bikes are a perfect way to exercise even if you have never exercised before.”

  • Alison Middleditch is a registered physiotherapist and founding member of Surrey Physiotherapy.

Save the dates: Electric Mountain Bike taster ride, 16th September, Coulsdon.
Electric touring bike taster ride, 15th September, Coulsdon.
More details here: https://www.cyclingmadeeasy.co.uk/opendays

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  1. Martin Tigg September 7, 2017 at 7:09 am #

    I have had my Scott 720 e bike for 16 months.2030 miles covered and my physio loves the fact that I ride pain free; something I cannot do on a normal bike.I had serious knee surgery 10 years ago , I love my e bike ; it has given me so much !
    Car mileage reduced hugely too !

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