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PRESS RELEASE – British Heart Foundation pulls plug on electric bikes

British Heart Foundation pull plug on electric bikes The charity has banned the use of ‘pedelec’ electric bicycles from their annual London to Brighton ride, blocking the participation of potential fundraisers. Pedelecs (or e-bikes) are classed as bicycles under UK and EU law, so have the BRITISH HEART FOUNDATION taken a backward, discriminatory step?   […]

e-bike dongles

E-bike Dongles – Our Policy

There has been quite a bit of discussion and debate about the “tuning” of electric bikes using e-bike dongles, enabling them to exceed the legal speed limit by “fooling” the software installed by the manufacturers.  We at Cycling Made Easy have been consistent from the start:  We do not encourage or recommend that our customers […]


Cheaper Commuting in London – Save 30% with Mix-Modal Commuting

Cheaper commuting in London is the ever present dream for thousands of workers in this great city. We’ve mentioned this before on the blog but it’s worth mentioning because it’s not just commuters who could benefit. If you can use an e-bike to avoid the Tube, the Congestion Charge, or inner city parking costs, why not? […]

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Saving Money on Commuting in London – One Big Tip to Save Hundreds

Is saving money on commuting in London your New Year’s Resolution? If so, read on… Public transport in London can get really expensive. Fortunately we’ve found a nifty way to save money on commuting into central London. If you’re in London travelcard zone 6, like we are in Coulsdon, then the price of your annual […]