Cycle-to-Work schemes – Save on your e-bike purchase!

If your employer runs a cycle-to-work scheme (CycleScheme, Bike2Work, CyclePlus, BikesForStaff etc) then get in touch. We can go through the purchase process with you.

How it works:

With most schemes it works as follows:
-> You come in and choose a bike (check with your employer what your price limit, if any, is).
-> We give you a quote for the bike and any qualifying accessories.
-> You submit the quote to your employer.
-> Your employer processes the request with its scheme provider.
-> Once approved, you are sent a voucher.
-> Bring the voucher to us.
-> We redeem the voucher on premises and you take the bike away.
-> Your employer takes an agreed amount from your gross salary monthly in return for your bike.

 Have you seen the cycle-to-work scheme with NO £1000 limit?

It’s called Green Commute Initiative, and many of our customers have got the right e-bike by using this process. If you are self-employed and pay yourself a wage, then this is particularly useful for you. All the info is here: