Cycle to Work schemes

If your employer runs a cycle-to-work scheme (CycleScheme, Bike2Work, CyclePlus, BikesForStaff etc) then get in touch. We can go through the purchase process with you.

How it works:

With most schemes it works as follows:
-> You come in and choose a bike (check with your employer what your price limit, if any, is).
-> We give you a quote for the bike and any qualifying accessories.
-> You submit the quote to your employer.
-> Your employer processes the request with its scheme provider.
-> Once approved, you are sent a voucher.
-> Bring the voucher to us.
-> We redeem the voucher on premises and you take the bike away.
-> Your employer takes an agreed amount from your gross salary monthly in return for your bike.

cycle to work scheme tax free electric bike

The example above is based on buying a Fast4ward at £999.  For more information on this scheme please follow this link.