Our Bike Ports are unmissable!

Coulsdon has gained two new landmarks…and they are unmissable.

In front of Cycling Made Easy’s showroom in Coulsdon stand two ‘Bike Ports’, which together form enough parking for 16 bikes or e-bikes. In a town which has recently lost hundreds of car parking spaces, it is hoped that the highly-visible bike parking will encourage people to travel into town on two-wheels.

In the shape of giant, blue bicycles the Bike Ports, manufactured by Cyclehoop stand 1.5 metres tall and are visible from a long distance, letting people know that there are safe and convenient places to park a bicycle. The Bike Ports are not just for Cycling Made Easy customers, they may be used by members of the public.

Director of Cycling Made Easy, Ray Wookey commented: “Our company is dedicated to raising the profile of cycling in our area. We’ve worked with our local council to support cycling events, and to provide bikes for cycle training and cycle hire.

Now with the Cyclehoop Bike Ports, installed in conjunction with Croydon Council, we hope to plant cycling firmly in the mind of any road user who goes past our showroom and sees the racks. Little by little, by increasing the visibility of cycling, we hope to create a cycle-friendly culture in Coulsdon for the benefit of all.”

Cyclehoop Bike Port

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