E-Bike Sale: Save hundreds on E-Scale mountain bikes

E-bike Sale
10% off 2017 Scott hardtail electric mountain bikes

2017 Scott E-Scale bikes – Powered by Bosch CX – Powerful hill climbing

The original Scale (non-electric) bikes are legendary in the off-road racing world. With added Bosch power, you’ll feel like one of Team Scott’s champion racers as you steam up hill! 

Explore the range below…

e-scale 710

E-Scale 710 (2017) – Save over £300!

Scott e-scale 720

E-Scale 720 (2017) – Save £300

Scott e-Scale 730

E-Scale 730 (2017) – Save over £250!

Scott e-Contessa Scale 730

Scott e-Contessa Scale 730 – Save over £250

Want Plus Size Tyres?

An e-bike with plus tyres gives you unrivalled traction over the trails. Go riding even when other riders are put off by the weather with the confidence that you’ll stay in control.

e-scale 710 plus

E-Scale 710 Plus – Save over £300!

E-Scale 720 Plus

E-Scale 720 Plus – Save over £300

Save hundreds on E-Aspect electric mountain bikes too!


About Scott hardtail e-MTBs…

The Scott hardtail e-MTBs have been an integral part of the electric bike range here at Cycling Made Easy over the years. 


What is it that makes the Scott hardtail e-MTBs so good? There’s no short answer to this. Scott always choose high-quality components for their bikes. Check the specs on the product pages for full details of these. However what really sets the Scott bikes apart are their superb frames. 

Typically a little longer than comparable bikes, the Scott frames give you a feeling of stability and confidence as you ride them. The frames are light too, so in terms of agility there are none better. 

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