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E-bikes to energise your life

When we started as an e-bike specialist back in 2010, electric bikes were an ‘assistive technology’. Great fun, of course, but essentially there to help you pedal when you needed it.
Since then, e-bike technology has leapt forward.

The bikes are dynamic, sophisticated and versatile. Millions of people across the world ride e-bikes for work and leisure, taking advantage of the extra energy to maximise their time on two-wheels. E-bikers are cycling more, seeing more and doing more.

London to Brighton by ebike


Energise your work day!

Commuters are energising their journeys to work by pedalling into the city from the outskirts, saving money on rising fares and avoiding cancelled services. Arrive at work alert, awake and ready to smash your to-do list.


Extra Energy on the Trails

Mountain bikers are energising their trail riding by ‘attacking’ uphill sections as dynamically as they do on the downhill, and also doing more runs per session than they ever did before.

focus electric bikes


Energy for everyone!

Anyone looking to energise their day can find an e-bike to suit them. For the adventurers seeking to explore town, city and country, electric touring bikes have greater mileage than ever before. For those who want to burn calories rather than petrol, urban e-bikes are sleek, reliable and often the quickest way to get around. For off-road thrill-seekers, use an e-bike’s extensive range to discover trails you’ve never seen before.


There really is an e-bike for everyone at Energise E-bikes.

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