We welcome Bergamont electric bikes to the Cycling Made Easy range. The brand which hails from Hamburg in Germany one of the best places to cycle in Europe has impressed us with their ‘out of the box’ high build qualityebikestore02

It’s a sure sign that a manufacturer cares for their product when their e-bikes are sent out to retailers practically fully built.

We will primarily be stocking the e-Ville C A8 e-bike from their urban range.

What we love…

The finish. We love the little details which you may not notice on first glance:
– The so-called ‘box flange’ around the motor unit puts strength into the stepthrough frame to limit frame vibration.
– The rack, a minimalist look that doesn’t sacrifice strength
– Robust mudguards – the most secure we’ve seen on an e-bike.


Try an eVille at the showroom. Panniers not included.

What you’ll love…

How stable the bike feels. If you’re a hesitant or infrequent cyclist, the Bergamont bikes should make you feel more confident. They feel very ‘grounded’ which has a lot to do with Bergamont’s choice of tyre; the Schwalbe Energizer Plus. It’s a ever-so-slightly wider tyre than you typically see on e-bikes like this but it all adds up to the stability.


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