Top Quality Electric Bikes from Freego


FreeGo are  based in Southampton, UK with their manufacturing based in China. FreeGo specialise wholly on electric bikes and keep control of their production at all levels.

The bikes are proven and popular and offer a lot of power on a relatively affordable entry price. The bikes are versatile and offer good performance. They are well thought as ‘adventure’ bikes that can be saddled up with lots of luggage as well as reliable road bikes that will take you effortlessly to your destination.

Cycling Made Easy has been very impressed with their products and their support to customers, and are proud to bring to you the FreeGo range of electric bikes. We have been stocking Freego regularly since we started as an organisation and have been very encouraged by the hugely enthusiastic feedback we have had about them, so please don’t hesitate to phone us to book a test ride at a convenient time.

Both the Hawk and Eagle are available in step through and cross bar frame formats, in a variety of colours. Please phone us for more details!

*Offer is subject to availability and cannot be used in conjunction with other offers. Cashback provided by Freego Electric Bikes on submission of proof of purchase.

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