Gocycle: Why so special?

The Gocycle was designed by Richard Thorpe. He was a designer for McClaren’s Formula 1 team. His knowledge of lightweight design and innovative technology has given the Gocycle its unique qualities.

There are so many clever features on this e-bike. For example, the bike has ‘two-wheel drive’:
– Your pedals power the back wheels.
– The electric drive power the front wheels.
Why does that matter? It matters because it keeps the balance of the bike nice and even.

The bike looks small but it feels like a big bike. In fact the wheel base is exactly the same as a ‘full-size’ bike. See picture. This level of detail shows you this is a quality product.
Gocycle electric bike

The Gocycle suits a range of people.

Yes, it looks flashy. Yes, it uses cutting-edge tech. Yes, it even speaks to your phone. However, its rideability is so good, anyone would be happy on it.

As we mentioned, it feels like a regular bike, but it’s smarter. It has predictive gearing so you can never be in the wrong gear! How good is that?

You might get the sense that we’re big fans of the Gocycle. You’d be right. We can see a time when you’ll see hundreds of these when visiting the city. You must come and test one at our showroom.


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