Haibike Electric Bikes


The Haibike electric bike range

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If you see the XDURO name on the bike, it means the bike uses the BOSCH e-bike drive system.  For an e-bike that gives a smooth power profile and simple to use controls, have a go on the XDURO.

If you see the SDURO name, it means the bike is powered by the YAMAHA system.  For an e-bike that feeds in power without a lag, see how you go on an SDURO.

Both the XDURO or SDURO bikes will expand your cycling possibilities, giving you ample power to conquer almost any trail you wish to explore. Each of the two systems comes with its own particular benefits. You can only get a sense of the difference when test-riding them.  Come along to Cycling Made Easy. We will accompany you to a traffic-free area where you can compare models.

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