Royal Dutch Gazelle

Who is the leading bicycle brand in the world’s leading cycling nation?

The Dutch are so similar to us British in many ways and are only a few miles away across the Channel, and yet, they are streets ahead of us in terms of getting people cycling.

If you want to get into the cycling habit, where better than to look at what is working for the Dutch?

Royal Dutch Gazelle, the largest bicycle manufacturer in The Netherlands, have been making bicycles for the cycling-crazy Dutch since 1892. Their electric bikes have been in production since and for the first time, Royal Dutch Gazelle e-bikes, are available to the UK market.

The first ever Gazelle bike we sold at the showroom was literally sold as soon as it was unpacked. The customer fell in love with it as soon as she saw it. Check out her thoughts:

The Gazelles, like their animal namesake, are streamlined and swift. Their cables are routed within the aluminium frame which is aesthetically nicer but this also reduces the risk of damage to the cables.


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