Wisper group cycling

Wisper electric bikes brought some of the first British-designed e-bikes to the UK market.

The bikes have been kitted out with torque sensors; a step up in sophistication from basic, entry-level e-bikes. The big difference between torque sensor and normal speed or cadence sensor bikes is that a torque sensor gives you instant access to power, whereas a basic speed sensor only works after you have started turning the pedals. This is fantastic for hill climbing and for getting ‘off the mark’ quickly and safely.

Largest Battery Capacity in Our Range
With the 705 Torque model, you get the option of battery sizes:
– 375wh, and
– 575wh

The 575wh capacity is the largest battery size we offer at Cycling Made Easy. If you are planning to go for a very long distance without stopping to top-up the battery, the 575wh will take away your ‘battery anxiety’.

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