E-bikes for cycling with kids – Tern GSD review

Tern GSD: Review

A day out with the kids can be tricky enough. You’ve got to entertain them and bring along all their paraphernalia to boot.
We tried a day out with the kids on the TERN GSD electric cargo bike. Would the three, thoroughly modern girls be impressed by the bike…or would they be reaching for an iPad after 5 minutes?

Wow.  What an experience!  Over the weekend Cycling Made Easy were entrusted with three lively grandchildren 10, 7 and 5.  The older two are happy to cycle their bikes and really enjoy the experience.  The youngest is still learning to ride, which meant that the distance we could cover might be very restricted.

Transporting the Tern GSD – No problem!

We loaded the car with two children’s bikes on the Thule roof bike carriers and the Tern GSD, plus a Focus Jam 29 Ltd full suspension bike that my wife rides, on a Thule Easyfold towbar rack.  Helmets, a picnic, another small bike (for the youngest to have a little ride in the car park) and two dogs went in the boot and off we went!

The Tern GSD is no longer than the e-MTB pictured. Making it easy to put on a rack carrier.

The Tern GSD is no longer than the e-MTB pictured. Making it easy to put on a rack carrier.

We headed to Ashtead Park and Common (Ashtead Park, Ashtead KT21 1JB) near Epsom and parked the car.  We unloaded all the bikes and headed off to cycle round the two or three significant lakes with ducks and wildlife all around us.  The littlest was incredibly happy and content on the back of the Tern GSD and chattered away as we cycled.  Cycle helmets all round for safety.

Ashtead Common map

As it was midday, we unpacked our picnic and sitting on a bench we polished off our food closely watched by a Springer spaniel and a cocker-poo.

We then carefully crossed the road and went straight on to Ashstead Common. The common covers a massive area and it’s really suited to cycling with children. The paths are wide and, for the most part, flat and well-surfaced.  There are plenty of maps and guides at pivotal places so you can find your way around and complete loops with stops for re-fuelling and water.

Effortless Family Day Out…Effortless Cycling

The sense of well-being and togetherness is difficult to describe.  So much so that the middle daughter said in the car “This is one of the best days of my life”.  The whole experience was made possible by the Tern GSD, which handled beautifully.  The e-power using a Bosch Performance Line motor with a 400wh battery was smooth and effortless even with the little one on board sitting safely on the seat pad.  We also carried a heavy picnic.

“This is one of the best days of my life”

Cycling together as a family was made easy with the TERN GSD

Cycling together as a family was made easy with the TERN GSD

Summary: This e-bike is a game changer: a flexible and versatile e-bike that really is fit for purpose when it comes to carrying kids or cargo.

TERN GSD Product page: https://www.cyclingmadeeasy.co.uk/electric-bikes/tern-gsd/
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Further reading…
It’s not just children that the Tern GSD can carry. It’s pretty good at carrying cargo too.

Tern GSD Carrying capacity

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2 Responses to “E-bikes for cycling with kids – Tern GSD review”

  1. Ben Hallam March 18, 2019 at 4:58 pm #

    Great read. We’re seriously looking at getting a GSD and have a quick question for you. Did the Thule rack clamp onto the GSD easily? Where about on the bike did you clamp to?

    • Cycling Made Easy March 18, 2019 at 5:03 pm #

      Hi Ben, yes, it’s very easy to clamp. When Ray took the bike out, he just clamped it right in the middle on the crossbar. You do have to make sure that the Thule rack you have is made to take the weight. Ray took the batteries out and put those in the boot to save weight. We have the bike at our Coulsdon showroom if you’d like to test-ride it. Just give us a buzz to book, or to chat more about the GSD.

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