In-depth e-bike reviews

The best way to find out if an e-bike is right for you is to try one at one of our showrooms. If you’re not at the ‘test-ride stage’ just yet, have a read of these written by our customers.

Click the pics below for the full story from our customers. We’re collecting more and more case studies so check back here.


Is an e-bike really a better option for a London commute? Jonathan explains… (Click the pic for full-story)

Jonathan e-bike review


The school-run; better by e-bike? Nicola tells all… (Click the pic for full-story)

e-bike case study UK


The only e-cyclist in a group of roadies? Mike describes his experience… (Click the pic for full-story)

e-bike review


How reliable are e-bikes? Could one handle Lands End to John O’Groats? Sean describes his attempt… (Click the pic for full-story)

Sean Ahern e-bike review UK



Can you really get fitter on an e-bike? Isn’t it ‘cheating’? Occupational therapist Andy explains… (Click the pic for full story)

It is hard to overstate the transformation


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