“You must try one.” – Non-cyclist won over by e-bikes – Helena’s Story.


Helena and her husband with their electric bikes

How do you go from being someone who almost never cycles to someone who takes bikes on holiday?

Helena,  has been won over by electric bikes. See how…


What do you wish everyone knew about e-bikes?

That you do need to pedal, not just press a button, so you still get exercise and keep fit. I do a lot of walking and golf, and now cycling by e-bike gives me a fun alternative to those activities.


What’s the biggest transformation in your lifestyle since getting an e-bike?

Going out more often on a bike and to places where I would normally drive to.


How often do you use your e-bike?

Not as often as I would like in wintry conditions but I hope to use it more often in the spring, summer and autumn.


Your advice to anyone who is on the the brink of getting an e-bike?

You must try one to see what it is like and to see what type of e-bike suits your needs. I tried all sorts of bikes. I thought at one point of getting a folding electric bike, because it would be small enough for me. However, being able to try a range of bikes at Cycling Made Easy, I discovered I preferred the power system on my Corratec. It is perfect for me.


A Note on Sizing…
As a petite rider, Helena has found it difficult to find a bike that fits really well.  It was important for her to try a range of electric bikes to find one that was ‘just right’.  Cycling Made Easy makes sure to stock a range of sizes to suit all sizes of rider.


Shopping/commuting by e-bike: how does it compare with convenience by car?

Shopping is good for small quantities and it is easy to park close to the shop.


Are you saving money by e-biking?

Yes. I’m saving on car park and pay-and-display charges and on petrol too.


“I feel I can explore…”


How does it fit in with your conventional cycling?

Well, I didn’t really do ‘conventional cycling’ as my husband and I had really old bikes.  We did not consider it easy on hills!


What would you miss most if you didn’t have your e-bike?

I would miss being able to go to places where I would normally have to drive. I feel I can explore places and we plan to take our e-bikes to France in the summer.


The Bikes…

Helena rides a Corratec e-bike (left) perfect for cycling through town and light trails (available in a small frame), while her husband rides a Haibike (right) which can handle most terrain and provides a huge amount of climbing power.

Corratec e-bikes UKHaibike SDURO hardnine electric mountain bike

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3 Responses to ““You must try one.” – Non-cyclist won over by e-bikes – Helena’s Story.”

  1. Julie April 6, 2017 at 7:48 pm #

    People do have the wrong perception about e-bikes I think, they are a great bike to ride and of course you still have to use those leg muscles as there are differing levels of assists. Enjoyed the article very much thanks.

    • Cycling Made Easy April 7, 2017 at 8:26 am #

      You’re welcome Julie. You’re right. It’s still very much an active, rather than passive, way to get around. 🙂


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