Top 3 E-Bikes for the Summer

Summer is so much better when you have the freedom of getting around that an e-bike can give you.

Whether you’re
– cruising along the beach front,
– exploring the lanes and alleys of a picturesque village, or
– ascending to the summit of a beautiful mountain,

our e-bike range has you covered.

Check out our top 3 below. Just click the pics to find out more…

Best for the Cruising Along Beach Fronts

Scott E-Sub tour 20 e-bike

SORRY! This summer sizzler has just sold out. Need a beach cruiser? Try this…

What makes this great for the beach front? The frame is generous, comfortable, and allows you to sit upright to enjoy the sight of the ocean.

The bike has a rear rack so you can carry your picnic hamper and swimming gear and the Shimano motor is more than capable of shifting extra weight.

Park your car away from the beach (a lot cheaper) and cycle to the beach front and marinas.

Summary: The combo of classic, Dutch-style frame and modern, crank-drive motor offer ultimate comfort.

E-sub tour 20 e-bike


Best for Rural Village Getaways 

Orbea Katu-e e-bike

Last one in stock!

What makes this e-bike the best for exploring holiday villages? It’s compact and will fit into nooks and crannies no problem.

So if you need to store it inside a holiday cottage, or simply need something small enough to navigate winding lanes and alleys, the Katu-e is perfect.

The tyres are smooth yet of generous width, so you won’t have any problems with cobblestone streets either.

The rear basket comes as an optional extra, but if you are planning a trip to the local bakery for your daily bread, there’s no need to get the car and break the peace and quiet; just take the e-bike!

Summary: Neat, easy to use and with the power and mileage of a Bosch motor, explore towns and villages with ease.

Orbea Katu-e

Best for Hills and Mountains

Sorry! This clever climber has sold out! Need to head for the hills? Try this…

KTM Macina Cross e-bikeDesigned for the Austrian Alps, KTM e-bikes have agility, strength, range and the fun factor!

The higher you climb, the better the view is, so with a Bosch crank drive motor, you can be King of the Mountain.

We’ve kitted this one out with the popular Intuvia dsiplay which is the easiest to use of all the Bosch handlebar displays so you can focus on enjoying the climb, rather than how to work your e-bike.

Summary: Versatile, incredible climbing ability, and high quality engineering.

KTM Macina Cross 10

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