“You’ll wish you did it ages ago” – Riding road AND electric bikes

Sue cycles the Wandle TrailSue has been riding her Scott electric bike for 4 years.  She is a member of a road cycling club so uses a non-electric bike too.  She even did the gruelling Dragon Ride sportive. So, who better to ask about the benefits of e-bikes than Sue?

See how she is benefiting from an electric bike as her everyday, utility vehicle.


How often do you use your e-bike?

A lot! 3 days a week for work; 2-3 times a week to get to the gym; 2 times a week for food shopping; 2 times a week for social visits and errands.


Shopping by e-bike: how does it compare with convenience by car?

It is far easier to park especially in Coulsdon and there are no parking costs…or parking anxiety.  Cycling to the supermarket also prevents me from overbuying because I have to think twice about how much I can carry. That said, an electric bike can help you carry far more than you would normally on a bike.


Are you saving money by e-biking?

Definitely. Parking in Croydon is up to £8 a day!


How does it fit in with your conventional cycling?

I find it complements my conventional cycling. I use my road bike for club rides and sportives, my hybrid bike for specific fitness training sessions and then use my e-bike for transport.


What do you wish everyone knew about e-bikes?

That you can get fit on them – they have a big range of power levels and gears so you can tailor the amount and type of exercise you do on them.

Also you can still put the same effort as on your conventional bike and simply get somewhere faster.


What’s the biggest transformation in your lifestyle since getting an e-bike?

I drive far less and therefore have no parking issues or costs.  My petrol costs are lower and there is less wear and tear on my car.


Your advice to anyone who is on the brink of getting an e-bike?

Try one ASAP. You will wish you did it ages ago.  Also, you’ll be far more likely to get on a bike and cycle more when you know there is electric assistance available when you choose.


What would you miss the most if you didn’t have your e-bike?

I wouldn’t be able to do my shopping so easily on a conventional bike so would have to go back to using the car.  I would also cycle less as I don’t always have the energy or time to use a conventional bike.


Sue rides a Scott e-Sportster. See the current Scott electric bike range .

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