A2B Galvani stepthrough electric bike


If you're in love with European style bikes, the added power on this bike will make you love cycling even more.  

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So many of you tell us that you love the European style bikes – you go on holiday and go cycling and enjoy the relaxed style and comfort and then you come back and crave the same feeling.

In classic Euro-style, the Galvani has swept back handlebars, and also ergonomic grips (not shown in photo). This takes a lot of pressure of your hands and wrists. There is a lot of play in the position of the handlebars – just carry an Allen key – so you can adjust the handlebars to what feels most comfortable.

“This bike is designed for a long, relaxed day in the saddle”

You don’t get hydraulic disc brakes on the stepthrough Galvani as you do on the crossbar version, but is European style leisure riding is your thing, you simply won’t need them. This bike is designed for a long, relaxed day in the saddle, exploring canal ways, the countryside or quieter parts of town you’ve never seen before.

Larger Wheels for Comfort
The wheels may be larger than you are used to. At 28″ (most people will be used to 26″) are better suited at rolling over bumpier terrain so this adds to your comfort level.  The other advantage of a larger wheel is that you, once you’ve got the wheels turning, they are more stable than smaller wheels – less prone to wobble – which again adds to the comfort level.

Summary: If you’re looking to recreate the relaxed cycling you do on your European holidays, go for the Galvani stepthrough; a comfortable and capable bike. 

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