Bikezac shopping bag


The Bikezac. Danish design. Simple, convenient, made to last.


SOLD OUT. More coming! Check back soon. 

This might seem like a humble shopping bag but we argue that this example of Danish design encapsulates all the best things about e-biking. No, really…

It doesn’t take long after you buy an e-bike to realise that you can use it for more journeys than you had originally planned. Trips to the shops, the post office, to visit friends and family, to the gym…these all become possible and easier on an e-bike. As our colleague Rob says, “You find excuses to use your e-bike.”

With all these extra trips you make, you’ll need a ‘car boot’, as it were. You’ll need something as convenient and easy to use as your e-bike. We think we’ve found just the thing in the Bikezac.

Lightweight, foldable, and long-lasting, the Bikezac moves seamlessly from bike to shopping trolley. Here’s a couple of videos to show you how they work.

Summary: For those who don’t want to lug around a big pannier but nevertheless need to have a bag, this is the perfect solution.