Visijax cycling commuter jacket

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Visijax cycling commuter jacket. Award-winning design. Staff favourite.



The photos of this cycling commuter jacket don’t do justice to how bright the LED lights that line the label, rear and sleeves are. If you’re a commuter and want to be seen, by other road-users, you’ll be significantly helped by this innovative design.

We’ve stocked hi-vis jackets before but this is certainly the most hi-vis of the lot. You have lights on the front and rear, but you also get…

…signal lights!

Raise your left arm to signal left, raise your right arm to signal right.
Visijax cycling commuter jacket





Recharges via USB

The power pack is small and hidden within the jacket. You simply recharge via USB cable.






Waterproof and breathable

The Visijax cycling commuter jacket is Teflon-coated, so water and mud slide right off.

Visijax cycling commuter jacket teflon