Batribike ‘Diamond Pro’ electric bike


Lovely low-step bike by British brand Batribike. Datatag security marked as standard.

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An electric bike for comfort and utility

With Samsung battery cells and an sleek LCD, the Batribike is a modern electric bike at an attractive price.

The rider can choose from 5 levels of pedal assist or throttle mode. Brake levers with incorporated non-slip grips and quick shift gears add to this e-bike’s many features.

The step-through style is popular with both male and female riders because hopping on and off a bike is so much easier.

The two-tone frames in blue and white or orange and white give the bike a youthful and energetic vibe and you’ll certainly feel energetic riding it, with its 36V battery feeding in the power.

As with all Batribikes, comfort is king. The riding position is lovely and upright and it comes with a comfort saddle.

DATATAG as Standard
Not only does it feel easy to ride, it also puts you at ease in terms of bike security.  As with all Batribike-branded electric bikes, the Diamond comes with DATATAG as standard.  This is not only a disincentive for a thief to take your bike, but it helps police track it down should the unfortunate happen.



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