Bergamont ‘E-Ville C A8’


A popular addition to the Cycling Made Easy showroom, when you try the E-Ville C A8 you'll be impressed by it's stability and robust build quality. 

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Top 3If the ‘finish’ on a product is important to you then you will be impressed by the Bergamont range. The e-Ville C A8 urban e-bike has several  features that will show that Bergamont know what a difference a little extra design thought can bring to your ride.

Firstly, don’t be put off by the name. Clearly, the manufacturers hadn’t realised that it sounds like ‘evil’ in English! We can assure you that you will describe the bike more as heavenly than evil!

At first glance, this is simply a stepthrough electric bike but a closer look – and a test-ride – will reveal more than meets the eye.

Stepthrough electric bikes – both electric bike and non-electric – have the issue of frame stability. Their frames can be subject to a lot of vibration, which over a long distance, can get uncomfortable.

Comfort features

With the added feature of a ‘box flange’ encasing the bottom bracket and Bosch Active Line motor, the frame of the e-Ville has added strength and resistance to vibration. If you’re going on a long ride, this will be good news for you and your comfort levels. 

So that’s at the bottom of the frame, at the top you have a Selle Royal saddle containing the super clever ‘Royal Gel’ compound. Royal Gel is much more effective than standard gel saddle fillings at absorbing shock. In fact, we often sell Selle Royal saddles to bike owners not lucky enough to  have one as standard.

The other ‘comfort feature’ is the use of ergonomic, flared grips on the handlebar which spread the pressure going through your hands. Again, we often fit these to bikes that don’t get them as standard.

Hub gears

One of the main features of the bike – tech wise – is the Alfine 8 hub gears by Shimano. Hub gears are a nice feature if you’re out on dusty tracks as they are completely sealed – dust and grit can’t get in to cause damage.

The other great feature about hub gears is that you can change gear without pedalling. If you’re doing a stop-start commute, or even a stop-start tour ride, this will avoid any tricky restarts for you.

The mudguards are very secure; you won’t get any rattling from those. They must be the most robust mudguards we’ve seen on any e-bike of a similar specification

You won’t actually get a sense of the quality of the finish from photos or description. It’s when you see it in the showroom and try it out that you feel the difference.

SUMMARY: A well thought out and well built bike that has been popular with our customers from the moment we started stocking them. Planning on riding dusty tracks? The features on this bike will make it a comfortable and convenient ride. 

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