Bergamont E-Ville C XT



  • Superbly equipped stepthrough tour-style e-bike.

  • Shimano XT gearset for rapidfire gear changing.

  • 500wh battery for long range cycling

What we like…

The high specification. This is probably the best touring e-bike that we stock. We can’t fault any of the components placed on this bike. The RockShox forks are far more responsive than what you’d find on a regular touring e-bike. The same goes for the XT gears and brakes. These components are fast-acting effortless to use. It produces a lovely riding experience which will encourage you to take longer rides (especially with a 500wh long range battery).

What you’ll like…

The Bosch Performance motor is always so well received by people who try it. It’s extremely responsive and the hill climbing power is unsurpassed. To get the most out of it, the rider needs to change to the best gear. This is quick, easy and reliable wit the Shimano XT gears. The overall effect is dynamic, powerful riding which is a whole lot of fun!

Summary: Higher specification components than most bikes in its class, the E-Ville C XT is a pleasure to ride. If you want a stepthrough that can cope with more technical rides, that will stretch your own cycling ambitions, this bike is very capable.

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Additional information


Bosch 500wh

Brake type


Shimano XT, 10-speed


RockShox Paragon Gold

Frame Size (cm)

Power System



Wheel Size