Bergamont E-Ville C Urban


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  • Bosch Performance motor for the most power of any e-bike motor in our range.

  • Hub gears for low-maintenance and easy gear changes.

  • Adjustable air suspension. Control how your ride feels.

What we like…

The ride feel. The combination of the RockShox Paragon Gold suspension (much higher spec than normally found on electric stepthroughs), hydraulic disc brakes and the stable comfortable Bergamont frame give you a lot of confidence to ride. It feels stable and the bike reacts ‘positively’ – ie. the brakes are strong, the suspension reactive, and the motor capable of climbing.

What you’ll like…

The Bosch Performance motor plus hub gears combination. Great for hill climbing, especially for those tricky hill starts. You’ve got the power of the Performance motor and the ability to quickly change gears both quickly, and when you’re stationary. If you find yourself stopped going up a hill, shift down to a low gear, put the e-assist to Turbo, and start pedalling! You’ll never be stuck again.

Summary: If you’re after a stepthrough bike with hub gears that feels a little bit special, the E-Ville Urban is a solid choice.

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Bosch 400wh

Brake type


Shimano Alfine 8-speed hub


RockShox Paragon Gold

Frame Size (cm)

Power System



Wheel Size