Ebco UCL-30



The Ebco UCL:30 is a lowstep electric bike with a high-grade finish.

In fact our mechanic reckons that “you cannot get a better engineered e-bike for the price”.

The UCL:30 is powered by TransX technology. This system is well known for quality engineering and reliability, and Ebco are using their systems in many of their electric bikes.

The battery is integrated well into the rear carry rack. It is matt black plastic cased, and very discreet.

The frame of the UCL is a step-through to make mounting and dismounting easy. Some more nervous riders will also appreciate a stepthrough as it is easy to stop. The round tubes and clear angles are quite stylish, and finished in low gloss black with red and grey decals, it looks a treat.

Ride & Handling compared to other electric bikes

Steering and handling the bike is comfortable and easy, as the bike’s steering column spring will always assist you in coming out of a turn. Other front wheel bikes can be a slight struggle to push the extra weight back to the central position.

The handlebars are slightly swept back ‘moustache’ type bars, and the saddle is a wide, supportive platform.  For those who prefer an upright, Dutch-style riding position, this is great.  The handlebars can be adjusted at height and angle to suit, so the Ebco offers an upright, confident and calm ride.

Equipment and Electronics Control

The electric display is a LCD readout with clear range & speed readouts and power icons. The buttons are all within comfortable thumb reach and soft rubber that doesn’t need to be pushed too hard.

Best of all is that the display is back-lit with a blue glow as the lights are turned on, so you can have good visual communication from the bike even in the pitch dark and remain in full control.

The Ebco has an attractive 8 speed Shimano gear set, with high quality stainless steel sprockets. The chain and chain ring are fully covered by plastic covers and a translucent chain guard. V-brakes provide ample amounts of stop and are easy and cheap to look after as well.

Full spec: http://www.ebco-ebikes.co.uk/products-page/ebco/urban-leisure-ucl-30/

What we think

Overall we are very impressed with the quality of the UCL:30 – We think this is an ideal bike for about town and commuting trips as well as leisure rides as it is comfortable, stylish, easy to operate, and attractive. We normally have UCL:30’s in stock to demonstrate and ship, so please get in touch if this bike sounds like it will meet your needs.


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