Pulse ZL-2


Budget friendly e-bike. More gears and higher battery capacity than a Gtech e-bike!




  •  If you want to know what the best electric bike on a budget is, the Pulse ZL-2, at £899, has got to be it.

  • The best build quality of any e-bike at this price

  • Reliable TranzX power system

We rarely stock an electric bike below £1000, because previously the build quality has not been good enough, nor has the performance.  There are a lot of sub-£1000 bikes on the market, but sooner or later, the poor buyer will phone our workshop for assistance because it has failed. We have assessed the Pulse ZL-2 and have been impressed at how the manufacturer, EBCO, have created a fit for purpose vehicle for such a good price.

What we like…

The TranzX power system is responsive and a system we are very familiar with here. When cycling uphill it has no problems and responds to the riders pedalling and gear changes quickly and smoothly. There is nothing complicated on this bike, nothing that will feel unfamiliar to a first time e-bike rider.

What you’ll like…

The price! You may have seen the Gtech bike advertised which has helped those on a budget get into e-bikes. However in tests, the Pulse ZL-2 has outperformed it, which is no surprise, since the Pulse actually has gears (7 to be precise)!

Summary: This bike will be popular for commuters and for people who need to get around town quickly, efficiently and with zero fuss.

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Additional information

Frame Size (cm)

Brake type

Power System


Shimano Tourney 7-speed rear derailleur

Wheel Size

Battery size

36v 8.8ah