Focus Jarifa Plus Pro (2017)




  • Plus tyres. 27.5″, extra wide

  • Bosch Performance CX motor with 500wh battery

  • Shimano XT shifting

What we like…

The Plus size tyres. They add that something extra to the ride quality. A bit more traction which gives you more control and also a little extra cushioning, which is nice on a hardtail. If you don’t want to spend extra on having rear suspension, the extra volume in these Smart Sam tyres can absorb a bit more shake, rattle and roll than regular size tyres. 

What you’ll like…

The CX motor. It’s basically the most ‘flattering’ motor out there, meaning it makes you feel like you’re a fantastically, athletic cyclist! The trick however is to always be in the correct gear to get most out of it. Getting into the right gear is very easy with the bike’s Shimano XT shifting. It’s reliable, ‘positive’ and smooth. 

Summary: For someone after a hardtail e-bike, you won’t find much better at this price. With the CX motor giving you the power to ride any route, there will be few places you can’t explore. A lot of fun. 

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Additional information


Bosch 500wh

Brake type


Shimano XT, 10-speed


SR Suntour XCM RL, 100mm travel

Frame Size (cm)

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Power System

Wheel Size