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A crank-drive stepthrough bike at under £1800?
Here it is!

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FreeGo – one of our favourite electric bike brands – has produced a mid-drive electric bike for a great price.

The Martin City is set-up to be an electric bike that will serve you as a reliable and comfortable utility bike; something you can ride into town, pick up a few things from the shop, or just head out for a leisure ride to soak up some sun. 

Dutch-style electric bike

More and more customers are asking for ‘Dutch style electric bikes’ and the FreeGo Martin City is definitely one of those. You’ll find the bike very comfortable as the riding position is very upright and the handlebars are swept back.


Unlike other e-bikes in the FreeGo range, the Martin City uses a mid-drive (crank-drive) power system, applying the motor power through the chain and gears. This is energy efficient and gives the rider a smoother cycling sensation than hub-motors. This technology has a higher price-tag than hub-motor e-bikes but at £1799 this is the least expensive mid-drive e-bike that we stock.

What we like…

The handlebar setup. You get a quick adjust lever so you can change the position of the handlebars to suit whoever is riding. We know a lot of our customers share their bike with other family members so this is very handy.  The Bafang head display is very clear and easy to read. It’s clear at a glance how much battery power you have and which power level you. As we mentioned above, the handlebars are very swept back, with very wide ergonomic grips, which will help you avoid over-reaching on the bike, and will also take pressure off the hands. 

What you’ll like…

The price tag. To get a mid-drive/crank-drive bike for well under £2000 is rare.

Summary: Comfortable bike from one of the UK’s largest e-bike brands. For anyone wanting the sophisticated technology of an e-bike mid-drive for a keen price, check out the FreeGo Martin City.


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