FreeGo Wren electric bike

A smaller bike for a petite rider or for anyone who wants to have their feet flat on the floor when stationary.

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e-bikes for smart savers coinPacking a 36v 10Ah battery, the Wren is more powerful than many other e-bikes in its class, which tend to come with 24-26v battery.

Compact Frame

The compact frame is good for who needs a smaller bike for storage sake or who is a petite rider.  We have found that a lot of our customers, of any height, prefer a smaller frame. Small frames allow a rider to have their feet flat on the ground when stopping.  For this reason, the Wren is a good choice for nervous or infrequent riders. Of course, we’re sure this bike will grow your confidence as you ride it!



As mentioned, the bike stores well as it’s compact but it packs the same punch as a big bike.  This bike would be great for shopping journeys and is powerful enough to carry panniers stuffed with goodies like when you head out for a leisurely day of exploring the countryside.  With a step-through frame, loading up panniers on both sides won’t prevent you from easily getting on and off.


Other features

The centre-stand is a handy addition too.  The extra stability is reassuring to have if you have loaded up your shopping in panniers. The bike comes with lights, mudguards and a rack as standard. You can choose between battery sizes. Usually available in white, black or lavender. Contact us for details.

Summary: An electric bike that would be just the ticket for popping to the village shops or carrying the bread and wine for a picnic at the park.

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10ah, 16ah


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