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One of the best e-bikesGocycle G3: An urban/commuting e-bike that’s high on design features and engineered to feel comfortable for any height of rider. 


The G3 improves upon its predecessors with:
-> 25%
larger battery than the G2,
-> More intuitive twist-shifters to control power assistance, gears and lighting,
-> Ergonomic handlebar grips for comfort
-> Daytime running light for better visibility

What we like

The Gocycle designers have also been busy improving the bike to make service and repair easier. We won’t bore you with the exact details of those features, but this is very important for a unique bike such as the Gocycle G3 and proves how much attention to detail the Gocycle team have paid to their latest bike.

What you’ll like

You’ll love the daytime running light (DLR). While this light (as featured on many modern cars) serves a practical purpose and enhances rider safety, it also just looks cool!  The ‘lightsaber’ look to the DLR – which uses ‘light pipe’ technology – adds a touch of sci-fi glam to a bike that’s already ahead of its time.

You’ll also like the twist-grip controls. They’re super simple to use and maintain the beautiful ‘clean’ look of the bike; no clunky levers here.

You can read more about the Gocycle‘s design here.



Summary: If you need a bike that is stowable, ultra-light, and needs as little maintenance as possible, seriously consider the Gocycle G3. Yes, it’s certainly at the upper end of our price range, but it’s a premium product: well thought out and well regarded within the cycling fraternity. Great for the urban commuter.

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Blue, Black, White



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Gocycle single-sided, fixed

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Optional Extras

With half-price front pannier and free light set (+£69.99), Without half-price front pannier or free light set (+0.00)