KTM Macina Force 27


The most affordable way to get a Bosch-powered e-bike.

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Top 3– The most affordable way to get a Bosch powered e-bike

– Lightweight frame and components

– A sporty bike that works really well as a commuter bike.


KTM’s electric bikes are renowned for their high build-quality. The Macina Force 27 is no exception and would be a versatile ride for you if you want a sporty bike that’s also happy on your commute.

What we like…

With the light frame (it uses the same frame as its much more expensive sister models), and light components, this bike moves easily uphill. It’s easy to be seduced by the higher torque Bosch motors, but on such a light bike, you’ll find the Bosch Active motor is more than powerful enough for hill climbing.

What you’ll like…

High mileage. The Bosch Active line motor is configured to give the best battery economy, and best mileage, as compared to the Performance line motor seen on other electric mountain bikes. On Eco mode, you may get over 60 miles on a full charge.


27.5 inch wheels offer the most versatile ride. Large enough to roll easily over most rough ground, small enough to be maneuverable.

Smart Sam tyres also strike a good balance between easy rolling and off-road grip.


The Suntour XCR 32 suspension might be described as ‘entry-level’ but work very well on cross country style rides. 

You can lock the suspension from the handlebars to ease the transition from off-road to road. Tip: Locking out your suspension on road journeys will help your battery economy even further.

Summary: KTM e-bikes continue to be the most affordable way to get a quality, crank-driven e-bike. If you’re after an electric mountain bike which fits that description, go for the Macina Force 27.

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Power System

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Shimano Alivio 9-speed derailleur

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Suntour XCR-32 with lockout

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