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A very stylish urban bike with Bosch’s ‘Performance’ bike. Style, power and a certain Je ne sais quoi.

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With the Friday bike, Moustache wanted to create something that was just as uplifting as the day itself. The manufacturers say this e-bike is “a nod to Friday wear” – something attractive and glamorous, but overall fun.

‘Urban Sporty’
They also describe the bike as Urban Sporty; something you could very easily cycle to work and look professional, but also use on sportier rides when the work day is done. While the bike looks like a regular  – albeit beefier – town bike, the extra power is provided by a Bosch Performance drive unit; this provides an incredible amount of boost, while delivering it in a predictable and smooth way.

“…power is provided by a Bosch Performance drive unit”

Frame engineered for comfort
The first thing to strike you about the bike is the angular frame. It’s a perfect example of the unique approach to engineering Moustache have taken. Designed to soak up vibration, the frame makes riding that little more comfortable, especially over a long period of time.

A Lovely Extra
The next thing you’ll notice is the ‘legendary’ Brooks saddle. Brooks have been making premium saddles since the Victorian era and people who use Brooks saddles swear by their comfort and longevity. You won’t get that comfort straight away however. The saddle will need several rids to ‘break in’. Either way, the inclusion of a Brooks saddle is a lovely extra.   

“people who use Brooks saddles swear by their comfort and longevity.”

More Comfort Features

In addition to the special frame and Brooks saddles, you also get a suspension seatpost, and ‘balloon’ tyres by Schwalbe.  Balloon tyres are very popular on the Continent but you don’t often see them in the UK. The benefit of the wider, more rounded tyre is two-fold: more comfort, and more agility. The fatter tyres give an in-built ‘air suspension’ while the shape allows more angle while turning, making manoeuvres easy.


Summary: Designed for the fun-loving city rider, the Friday 27 black will get you where you need to be in comfort and style, whether for business or pleasure.

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