Orbea Katu-e 20a


A well-made, low-maintenance, compact e-bike from Spain’s cycling giant.

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Orbea Katu-e‘Good things come in small packages’ goes the saying and this is certainly true for the Katu-E 20A. A lot of you surfing the web will be weighing up whether to go for a high-performance drive system – like Bosch or Yamaha – or to go for a practical and compact bike, like a folding electric bike…

…Well, compromise no more!

The Katu-e is a compact bike which is fitted with the Bosch Active drive system. If you need to get the bike into the car or motorhome, or even the hallway, then a bike like this is perfect. Unfortunately it doesn’t fold, but if that may not be a problem for you. If you’re able to stretch the purse strings enough to go for a crank drive e-bike, we would suggest you would enjoy it more.

Optional basket…

As you can see from the photo, as an optional extra, you can have a sturdy custom basket on the front which is a useful addition; for textbooks perhaps? We think that students especially would be able to use this bike to head to classes on. No expensive parking fees, no insurance costs, no petrol; perfect for the student budget.

Katu Student
If – like us(!) – you are well beyond your studying years, the bike is still a fantastic buy. Some of you will like the more compact frame but wish to sit more upright. Thankfully, there is a lot of play in the handlebar so it can be adjusted to make the ride more comfortable. 

What we like

-> The Bosch system: We’ve been advocates of Bosch’s drive systems since we first use them, and this hasn’t changed just because it’s in a smaller bike.

-> Shimano hydraulic disc brakes: A lot of smaller bikes you see are actually quite crude in their build quality. The Katu-e has high-quality components, including Shimano hydraulic disc brakes.

-> Low-maintenance: While you only get 3 gears on this bike, these are in the form of a very well sealed internal hub. This will protect the mechanisms from dirt and grime so they should be trouble free.

Summary: If storage and transportation are a problem, but you want the most reliable drive system available, this is the bike for you.