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There is something very seductive about this bike. The copper paintwork shines out to you like a lucky penny when you see it in the showroom. As soon as our colleague Natalie saw it, she said, “I want it.”

Besides it’s good looks, the engineers at Orbea have made modifications to give you optimal comfort – hence the name. We have to say it is very comfortable.

For example, those with bad knees will rejoice at the shorter cranks. Since you are getting pedal assistance, you can have shorter cranks than normal (you don’t need to put in quite as much torque yourself) and so you won’t have to bend your knees so much. 

By reducing the crank size, the rider is allowed to be closer to the ground. This is nice for those who feel safer if able to get their feet flat on the ground when out and about on their bike. 

The centre of gravity on this bike has also been adjusted. The motor and rider position have been lowered as has the position of the battery. This has lowered the centre of gravity to give you more stability when riding, and better handling.

You may have noticed the position of the battery is quite unusual. The explanation is simple. The battery is the third heaviest part of an e-bike (the rider is the heaviest, followed by the motor). By having the battery right in the very centre of the bike – as opposed to the rear, or just off-centre – you gain better stability.

What we like…

-> Suspension seatpost: This really does take the shock out of bumps in the road. You have a nice upright riding position on this bike, so any vibrations would go straight up your spine. The suspension seat-post helps a lot with this.

-> Shimano STEPS system: It’s smooth and it’s quiet, and it gives a quick injection of power. There is little to dislike about the STEPS system. 

-> Tyres: These gave little rolling resistance but felt secure on the damp road surface we tested it on. It made riding a very pleasant experience. 

SUMMARY: There are few people this bike wouldn’t suit. If you want a stylish e-bike that gives you the maneuverability that a conventional ‘Dutch frame’ bike can’t offer, go for this. 


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