Ami C8 HMS




Ami C8 HMS
– Winner of multiple design awards. Lovely, low-stepthrough electric bike that’s perfect for those of shorter stature or riders who like to have both feet flat on the ground. Suspension seatpost for extra comfort.

Many of you reading this will be looking at an e-bike as a way to get ‘cycle confidence’. Being able to put your feet down on the ground quickly goes a long way to helping you build that confidence. This is where the design of the Ami works so well. The wheel size is smaller than other Dutch-style e-bikes and the step-over height is as low to the ground as possible so there will be no strain getting on or off.

These features also make the bike super stable, as its centre of gravity remains low to the ground too, which gives you a great sense of control over the handling. Again, this helps build cycle confidence.  

Ami e-bike outdoors

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Power System

Wheel Size


8-speed hub

Brake type


Aluminium, spring

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