Cityzen C8 HMB


Finally, a sporty e-bike that’ll make riding around town fun again.




  • Cityzen C8 HMB: the lightest Gazelle e-bike

  • Bosch ActiveLine motor – best for mileage

  • Sporty rider position for dynamic cycling

When this is standing in a group of other e-bikes, you notice how good looking the Cityzen is! A gorgeous, slim-framed e-bike for a sportier rider or commuter.

What we like…

It’s nice to see sporty road bikes available for the e-bike market, especially with such light frames. This is a nice bike to ride with the power off so you get a lot out of cycling it.

What you’ll like…

For many of you used to riding a light bike on the roads, this feels extremely close to that, with the exception that it will feel better than your road bike uphill!

What the manufacturer says…

“You can take on any adventure with the CityZen C8 HMB. The powerful Bosch mid-mounted motor and extended range mean that no hill is too high or destination too far.”

LIMITED AVAILABILITY: Only size 53cm left

Additional information


Bosch 400wh

Brake type


Shimano Nexus Hub, 8-speed


Rigid aluminium

Frame Size (cm)

Power System


20.4kg without battery

Wheel Size


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