Orange C8 HMB


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  • Interactive Bosch Nyon display – maps, health stats, Bluetooth connectivity

  • Maintenance free hub gears

  • Neatly integrated components

What the manufacturer says:

“Ride peacefully, without a care in the world. Handy technology like the extra quiet motor and the interactive display make every bike ride a pleasure. And thanks to the completely new Orange frame, this Gazelle is also a feast for the eyes. “

What we like…

We really like a bike where the little things are done properly as well as the big things. The wiring is internal, the chain is protected in a chain guard, the lights are integrated into the mudguards, the brakes are hydraulic…all these little things add up and bring the bike to a superb standard. This bike won recognition at the Industrial Design Awards 2016, and for good reason.

What you’ll like…

…how stable the bike feels. This is due to the new frame. The headset and saddle tube angles are just right for comfortable relaxed riding. 

Summary:  A bike both pleasing to the eye and to ride.


Additional information


Bosch 400wh, Bosch 500wh

Brake type


Hub gears, 8 speed


50mm spring travel

Frame Size (cm)


Power System

Wheel Size


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