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Royal Dutch Gazelle ‘EM C7’ electric bike


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The Goldilocks e-bike – not too much, not too little…just right

While researching e-bikes, you may have asked yourself whether you want to go for a basic e-bike, or whether you should spend more and get a crank-drive e-bike which can be above £2000. Royal Dutch Gazelle’s EM C7 electric bike fills the gap between the entry-level e-bikes, which come with a hub motor, and the upper range, which come with Bosch or Yamaha motors.

The drive system on this bike is an Impulse drive. Like the more expensive Bosch or Yamaha systems, it works by applying power through the gears in the cranks.  This allows the motor to access all the gears on the bike, not just the ones on the wheels. Cycling is smooth and the power cuts in immediately, with no lag between you turning the pedals and getting the assistance.

In terms of style, they are neat and well-built.  You get the sense that they are robust without having the tank-like build of cheaper models. The wiring is channeled within the frame, the chains are protected behind guards, the bell is integrated into the handle bar so it has a very elegant silhouette with nothing jutting out.

The controls could not be simpler. A power button, and up-down buttons to go up and down the three levels of assistance.

The gears, too, are simple. The EM C7 has hub gears, so if you’re using the bike as a town bike with the stop-start of traffic, the ability to change gears while stationary is very handy. This is also very handy if you’re not confident about using gears.

While you may not get quite the same raw power for climbing as the Bosch or Yamaha systems, the EM C7 represents great value for money on the efficient crank-drive system. For those looking for a step up in performance from entry-level bikes, this is the bike to go for.

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