Gazelle Orange C7+ Hybrid M

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Get a Gazelle electric bike and you’re sure to be glad you did. Built for the demanding Dutch market, this bike is well equipped for daily cycling.

You want style, reliability and above all comfort – a bike that even the Dutch would find impressive; a bike that is as lovely to ride as it is to look at.  The Orange C7+ Hybrid M ticks those boxes.


Background info…

What’s in a name?

Gazelle might not be great at giving their bikes catchy names, but the Orange C7+ Hybrid M tells you quite a bit about what this bike can do. Let’s break this down below:

‘Orange’ = This is a little misleading, as the bike doesn’t actually come in orange. In fact, the name comes from the Dutch royal family name, and the bike is resolutely Dutch in style. Its stepthrough frame and swept back handles allow you to cycle upright for maximum comfort, and it has all the practical features a Dutch cyclist would expect as standard: mudguards, lights, a ‘cafe lock’ and rack.

C7+ = The ‘C’ stands for ‘comfort’. For many, this is the whole point of having an electric bike. A suspension seat-post, ergonomic grips, and a walk-assist function. This function means that for times when walking with the bike is unavoidable, the bike will move forward at a gentle pace while you hold the handlebars so you don’t have to push it’s full weight. You simply guide it by steering.

The ‘7’ tells you how many gears you get. This bike has a 7-speed hub gear. You will like hub gears if you want a self-contained, maintenance-free system, or want to be able to change gears when you’re stationary. Seven gears combined with a Bosch power system

The ‘+’ means that you get premium features on the bike. This has a suspension seat post, hydraulic brakes for maximum control, a chain guard, the front light integrated into the front mudguard (very neat) and quick adjust handlebars.

Hybrid M = As with all our bikes, the bike moves forward using both human and motor power, hence ‘hybrid’. ‘M’ refers to mid-mounted drives – what we refer to as ‘crank drives’. These are the most powerful, most efficient systems available. The Bosch Active drive system on this bike is set up to give you the longest range of any of the systems we sell. If you want to enjoy hours of leisurely cycling, this is for you.


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