Gazelle Cityzen T10 (2018)



In stock! Gazelle Cityzen T10 (2018)

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“I sometimes ride into work, but it’s quite a long way so I don’t do it often”.

Sounds like you?

This is exactly the type of bike that we think would become your “I cycle to work everyday” bike.

Firstly, you get the ultra powerful Bosch Performance motor. If you have a particularly bad day at work, and you just want to get home, stick the motor into Turbo mode and you’ll be glad you’re a cycle commuter, and not squeezing into a train carriage!

Secondly, you have a 500wh battery which means you’ll get a lot of mileage out of a single charge. We conservatively estimate 60 miles. Many of you who are experienced riders will manage to get many, may more miles than that.

It’s a very sleek bike in design, helped very much by the integrated battery. By the way, you can take the battery out of this bike. On some integrated battery designs, you can’t do that, which is annoying if you need to charge the battery in a cafe or office.

Gazelle is the biggest bike manufacturer in the Netherlands, and for good reason. Their bikes are made to be ridden often, and by people who really know bikes. No shortcuts are taken, and so none are taken on this model. A joy to ride.


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