Gazelle Orange C8 HMS



The ‘S’ at the end of the model name stands for SHIMANO – the iconic bicycle component brand – but it could just as well stand for ‘stylish’, ‘supportive’ and ‘stable’. The features on this bike illustrate why electric motors were a godsend for Dutch-style bikes. This is no clunky ‘granny shopper’ (not that there’s anything wrong with that)!

The Orange C8 HMS makes full use of Shimano’s expertise by integrating the lightweight SHIMANO STEPS motor with the fast-changing SHIMANO NEXUS hub gearset. The result is a bike that  seamlessly keeps your momentum up through the ride: no clunky gear changing, no waiting for extra power to kick in, and it even changes down the gears automatically when you stop!   

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Model in stock: 49cm frame, 400wh battery.

Manufacturer’s Description

“How comfortably and easily do you want to cycle? That’s why this popular e-bike has been brought up to date with the latest technology: the new frame with the most powerful Shimano Steps mid-mounted motor. You can choose whether to operate the 8-speed gears automatically or manually. And comfort with beautifully integrated front suspension and a suspension seat post.”


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