Gazelle Vento T9 HMB (stepthrough)



I’d like a bike with a mid-motor – ideally a Bosch one – that can go along unpaved trails but is comfortable. For many of you reading this, that is a description of what you’re looking for, and this is what you’ll get with the Vento T9 HMB. The front suspension and wide tyres will help dampen down bumps so you can enjoy the ride without getting shaken about.

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Model in stock: 46cm / 400wh battery

What the Manufacturer says…

“Trekking bike with powerful mid-mounted motor and 9 gears. The striking design is by Gazelle, as is the high-quality appearance. The configuration of this sporty model with derailleur offers a good balance between price, performance and sportiness. You feel maximum support with minimal effort.”

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