e-Sub Comfort (crossbar or stepthrough)

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Are you looking for a road or commuter style e-bike? This fits the bill.

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One of the best e-bikesWe sell a lot of Scott’s mountain bikes but we are equally impressed by their commuter/road style e-bikes too. They have brought their comfortable geometry and smart look to the e-Sub Comfort and powered by the lightweight S.T.E.P.S drive by Shimano, the bike will be easy to maintain which will be music to the ears of someone who needs an e-bike for commuting.

What we like…

The choice of wheel/tyre. 28″ wheels are really smooth when you’re simply rolling along on a long straight road, which is often the case on a commute. It doesn’t take long to get up to a comfortable cruising speed. The e-Contact tyres by Continental are hard-wearing with a high level of puncture resistance. If this e-bike is for commuting, then you won’t want to be late for work because of a puncture.

What you’ll like…

It’s just immensely usable. The Shimano STEPS motor has a good ‘kick’ off the line at traffic lights, which is really handy – and feels much safer. Light frame, looks and rides just like your normal bike…with more oomph obviously.  We first stocked Shimano STEPS road e-bikes in 2015, and they have been universally well received by the commuter.  If you are an e-bike commuter, it’s also very smart looking, so if you’re in your business suit, it won’t look out of place. 

What the manufacturer says:

“The SCOTT E-SUB Comfort makes getting around town easier. With comfortable geometry, a 400wh Shimano STEPS battery and an integrated carrier, the E-SUB Comfort is the ideal commuter e-bike.”

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